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Corporate Partnership

Corporate Partnership


Career Reinvent prides itself on being a premier resume and job search strategy group supporting women who are trailing spouses. However, we cannot do it alone. Our ability to partner with global businesses will help us address an underserved yet critical need among professional women. Why is this a need? Let’s look at the stats:

  • 84% of trailing spouses are women.

  • 72% of non-working spouses said they left their career behind when moving.

  • 47% have a post-graduate degree or PhD.

*Source: The World of Expat Spouses, Expat Insider (2015)


These educated, professional women are vital contributors to our global workforce. Many women come to find that relocating for spouses’ work comes with an onset for mental and emotional concerns that impact their identity and the longevity of their spouses’ assignments.


  • 51% of the organizations experienced assignments turned down because of partner employment concerns.

  • 62% of full-time employees have a partner working full-time. 

*Supporting Dual Career Couples, An Equity Fluent Leadership Playbook - The Center for Equity, Gender and Leadership at the Haas School of Business, University of California – Berkeley (2020)


*International Mobility and Dual Career Survey of International Employers – Permits Foundation (2012)


The workforce is and will continue to grow globally. It’s imperative that when relocating new hires, companies think about the impact it has on those that need them the most, their spouses. Spouse adjustment is regarded as the most notable personal factor playing a vital role in the adjustment of a new hire, especially if the spouse is relocating to a new country and unable to work. When women follow their spouses’ career journey, their experience in a new location impacts their spouses’ longevity at an organization.

What Can Career Reinvent Offer You?


Career Assessments

Customized, industry-targeted career documents, including cover letter, resume and LinkedIn


Branding Coaching

Job Search

Strategy Coaching

Networking and Relationship Building Coaching

Templates and Guides to Support Clients' Job Searches 

Better business through better people

Through the Career Reinvent Business Partnership program, you can offer your employees a benefit that will help them grow professionally and will also strengthen your business.

We also deliver group presentations on a variety of topics, including:

  • Reinvent Resumes: Creating an Interview-Landing Résumé for Trailing Spouses.

  • LinkedIn Elevate: Key strategies to leverage LinkedIn for employment.

  • Positioning Reentering Job Seekers for Mid-Level Positions.

  • Bridging the Gap - Enhance Career Support and Resources for Trailing Spouses.


Interested in partnering with us? Contact Us Today!

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